Adding Image from Postman Red X

i am following all the guides and documentation to upload an image. Everything works. I can even see the image in the library. However, the file itself doesn’t appear to be coming over. The CMS is showing a picture of a red x and the file size is 15.65 kib. I understand if I was doing something in code with the file, but I am using Postman. Any help would be appreciated.

As per the different topic, same question here - if you upload the same file via web ui is it correctly added then?

Which CMS version are you using and is it docker or manual installation?

I assume the size reported in the library isn’t correct? Do you see any errors in the CMS log?
Could you confirm that the Postman application in the CMS has client credentials and all access checkboxes ticked?

If I upload it via the CMS Web UI, it works as expected. We are using CMS version 1.8.9. I do see an error in the CMS log that reads “Image not readable: Image source not readable”. For some reason, files uploaded to through the API will go to the folder titled /Web/API/“LibraryName”/. However, the image doesn’t make it’s way to the /Web/“LibraryName”/ If I manually copy the image over to the other folder it will show correctly in the CMS. However, I really need it to work from the API. When I manually copy it over, it doesn’t auto update in all layouts.

Could you clarify for me if it’s docker installation or manual installation on a web server?

I’m not sure why it would be in another folder, it should be uploaded to the CMS library folder.

Could you show me the code you’re executing to upload the image (or Postman screenshot if you’re using that).

Also if it is manual instillation, could you confirm that DocumentRoot, URL rewriting is correctly set please?

and that CMS library is CMS Settings has fully qualified path to it?

It’s a manual installation on a Windows 2012 Server. I will look at the DocumentRoot now.