Adding Commands to Profile

I recently purchased a DSCS9 device and got it all setup and it’s working beautifully. I want to take advantage of the HDMI-CEC features. I followed the instructions here: Android CEC Screen Power On/Off with DSDevices DSCS9

When I get to the part to enter the commands in the display profile I get this error:
Unexpected Error, please contact support.

I ran the Report Fault thing and I get the same error when I try and download the relevant info file.

I am running CMS on a dedicated Ubuntu 18.04.2 server with Docker. CMS is version 2.0.1

Thank you.

It’s a bug that was fixed in one of the releases after 2.0.1. Please upgrade the CMS to 2.0.4 and you won’t have the error.

That was exactly right. Thank you very much!

Still faulty in 2.0.4, but in a different way: you can add the commands, but they multiply.
When you go back to the profile settings, you notice that all the commands are duplicated/triplicated etc.

(check the whole picture)
You can be sure that I’ve added the command only once!

I deleted the entire profile and re-created it (android type) from scratch, re-added the commands, happened again.