"Add version" not working

When adding the latest android verison (R202) to the latest CMS (v2.1) it uploads and gets added to media as a “GenericFile” and not to “Player Software” after pressing “Done”.

This worked for R106, R107, R108 and R201 perfectly fine.

Thank you for your message. I have been testing this on my own 2.1.2 CMS and I cannot replicate the issue you are referring to .

If you go to the Modules option in your CMS, can you provide a screenshot of the entry for Generic File and Player Software please?

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan

Here’s the requested screenshot

Thank you for the screenshot. I can see that under the valid extensions for your Generic File Module apk is listed. Can you edit that module and remove apk from the valid extension list? Save to confirm the change. I would then recommend deleting the apk from your media Library and trying again to add the version to Player Version.

Many Thanks.

Thank you, that did the trick. I was very confused that it would function as intended up untill the latest version. I haven’t been been messing with the modules section at all.

My CMS has been upgraded from a 1.8 install way back. Maybe its a left over from back then.

Brilliant news! When I saw apk listed as valid I was hoping removing that would resolve this nice and easily. It’s possible that it is a hang up from 1.8 CMS which did not correct during upgrade, either way it’s a good thing to know.

Completely unrelated to the post but I like your CMS theme shown in your screenshot, looks really good.

Many Thanks.

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