Add Schedule using API


Currently i’m using xibo 1.8.7 as Xibo CMS,
when i’m tyring to Add Schedule using API
i got this message “Page not found”

and here below , the parameter list i have POST


So how to fix this ?

anyone can help to fix this issue ?

Generally if you’re trying to ADD something then you should use POST call with form-data -

The PUT call is for EDIT and it also needs x-www-form-urlencoded, you’d use that to edit existing event for example -

Other than that.

The displayGroupIds is an array of integers, as such in Postman it is represented as

Assuming that campaignId = 11 exists - either as an actual campaign or as a layout specific campaignId, then it should work fine with the changes I’ve mentioned above.

Hi Peter,

Ok, thank you for your advise
it seem i got wrong when using CALL mode
I supposed using POST to ADD Schedule

Thank You