Add Schedule Event API Call


For this API call, I’m getting the “Please enter a from date” error, but I’m already specifying a specific date to start. How can I fix this?

I don’t think I see any obvious mistake there.

Could you let me know which CMS version are you using please?

I just run a quick test to confirm, something like that works fine for me:

CmpaignId / displayGroupId are probably correct, as there are different errors if they aren’t.

fromDt, toDt, seem to be in correct format, I’m not sure why it does not see the from date correctly, it’s not even format problem, but rather it is like fromDt was not passed with the call at all :confused:

Do you perhaps have some extra space after fromDt parameter there?
That could potentially cause that issue I think.

Hey Peter,

Turns out that it was a whitespace error in my parameters. Thanks for the help!

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Glad to hear you found it!

That was the only way I managed to break it while it seemed like everything is correct, that’s why I mentioned it :slight_smile: