Add new string to translate in CMS


I want to change some translations for the italian language.
I checked in the install/master/data.sql file but i can’t find it.

How xibo works? Where can i add or modify translations string?


You’d need an account in launchpad and then you can submit your translations

1.7 - is for, well 1.7 series
github series - is for 1.8

After you finished with translation, you can request download the .mo file from launchpad and put it in your locale folder.

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Hi @Peter ,

I registered in launchpad. But now i need a permission to modify or add new translations?

because at the bottom of the page it says: “This translation is not open for changes”.


hmm, strange the Translation policy is set to open.

Could you please go to
Your account (click on your username in top right corner) -> translations -> translations licensing -> License all my translations in Launchpad under the BSD licence (make sure this is selected and click confirm)

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Than you @Peter.

Now i can modify the string already added by others, but if i want to to add a new string to translate?

So you can filter it by untranslated items and you should see the field to enter new translation.

In some cases there might be suggestions left by other users which might or might not be correct.

For 1.8 ( as I assume that’s the version you’re interested in)
Once you download new .mo file you can place it in your xibo installation locale folder
for example xibo-cms\locale
replace the existing file and you should be fine.

Sorry, I’m obviously not being clear.

I created a new page in the CMS and now i want to add a new string and its translation.

How it works?

Oh I see, sorry I didn’t get that the first time.

I don’t think you can do that though.

Your custom page exists only on your CMS, it’s not in general Xibo distribution and all translations in launchpad are regarding general Xibo distribution (ie all pages/forms etc the we created and added to it).

Solved in a previous thread.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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