Add local video to layout


I’m having a bit of difficulty to add local video a region in my layout. Can someone explain please? what format of video does it support etc ?


There are 2 ways to add a video to a layout, the Video widget, which is what you use to add videos you have uploaded to your CMS to your layouts, or there is Local Video, which is where you save a video to the device running your Xibo player and enter the directory path to that video into the widget, so the player can locate it on the local storage and play it.
For example, I could save a video named 3.mp4 to a local folder on my Android device and enter that path into the Local Video widget.

When I schedule that layout, the player will locate the video saved in that directory and play it.

Video format compatibility is based on the formats your device supports. If you are unsure what those are you will need to contact the manufacturer of your device for more information, or check the manual.

Many Thanks.

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