Accesing XIBO Server through local network with MAC

To begin with my server is already up and running and functioning very well. I can access it through my pc with my web browser and everything is good. Now my question is if i will be able to access my server through a safari browser using mac. I want to verify everything first before i give their user accounts to our marketing team. Please if yes let me know. If not let me know as well if i can follow a guide that would probably make it work.
Thanks Xibo Community. I really do appreciate it.

You will have no problem accessing the server from Safari on a Mac.

I do this frequently (server is on a PC).


Allright. Thanks Justin for letting me know.

But it is gonna be the same way to access it right?like in a windows pc??

Yes, it’s exactly the same. If you are accessing it from the same PC that it is installed on, then you are probably using an address in the browser similar to: http://localhost/xibo

When you access it from the Mac, you just need to use the IP address of the PC which Xibo is installed on.
For example, the PC has an IP address of, then to access xibo, you would use the following address in Safari on thh Mac (both computers must be on the same network):

I hope that makes senses?

Allright thanks again justin :slight_smile: