About CollectInterval and streaming

Hello, firstly i want to thank you and congratulate for the great tool what is Xibo.

I am working with two mates in a displays control system with Xibo, and we have found two problems for our purpose:

We have a problem with the collect interval of players, because we would like that it works nearly to real time. We have tried to solve it modifying in database the value CollectInterval of displays profiles, but we think the correct way would be modify the implementation of this functionality (1 minute is now the lowest value). In order to improve this, we have thought in two options:

  • Better option: It would be possible that player’s update would be forced from the CMS? In other words, when CMS changes programmed content in the player, this player receives that change (notified from the CMS) and modifies his content in lowest time possible.
  • Other option: reduce the collect interval of players to 1 real second, or minimum possible value.

And the other problem than we have is in Linux Player (0.3.3-alpha and 0.4-alpha development version). There is a problem when we want to play streaming content (from YouTube or Twitch, by example), like an embedded content. The error message of the player (translated from spanish):
“Your browser does not recognize any of the available video formats at the moment.
Click here for frequently asked questions about the HTML5 video”
Are you working in that and it will be available in next versions?
And, about it, there is any way of play streaming now with Linux player? Perhaps if we know what browser it internally uses we can change or add some code for make it works.

We hope your answer for two both problems, and if it would be possible than you solve it soon or it will have long time, and we could also work on it if you guide us.

(I wasn’t sure if open the topic ir or in other section, please if it must not be here move where it is correct and sorry).

Thanks and regards.

XMR does exactly what you need.

You should set a longer collection interval (5-15 minutes) and correctly configure XMR.

That will send a push message to the Players when there is new content for them to pickup.

The Linux Player doesn’t support XMR yet, but all the others do.

If you have feedback on the Linux Player previews then please put that on the appropriate thread in the Blog section where we’re collecting feedback.