Abort Message Error Xibo 1.8.12

Running Xibo 1.8.12.

Encountered an issue recently when I try to upload new media I get an abort error message (file size under 2GB).

Also if I edit any existing layout and try to push it to a display it will crash. I can alter which layout goes to which display, but if I attempt to make any timeline changes to a layout it will brick that layout.

So basically if I attempt to do anything new in xibo it will either not upload or brick my current layouts. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your message, welcome to the Xibo community!

Please confirm the following:

  • Is this a Docker or custom install?
  • What Operating system are you using?
  • Was this issue present before or has it recently occurred?
  • Did you make any changes to your setup before the issues started to occur?
  • When you say if I edit any existing layout and try to push it to a display it will crash can you provide more specific information about the crash for example:
    • What crashes, display or your CMS?
    • What do you see on the Display and in the Logs menu on your CMS? Any errors?
  • Also when you say if I attempt to make any timeline changes to a layout it will brick that layout. what is meant by this? Can you give more specific information about what happens to the Layout when it bricks and where you see this behaviour?

Many Thanks.

  • Docker

  • Android on the xibo device

  • We renewed the certificate before the issue started, but cant be sure when exactly the problem occurred (haven’t uploaded new content in several months)

  • When I make changes in the “region timeline” then attempt to preview it, I can only see a black screen, the layout will not preview. Then when I attempt to send it to a display, it wont load the layout, but will instead load the xibo logo in the bottom right corner

  • I don’t see any crash on the log for the specific display

  • If I make any changes to a layout it will not preview and when it is applied to a display it will only load a black screen with xibo logo for a few minutes, then go completely black.

Thank you for the further information and the screenshots. I would be interested to see some logs to understand what is happening when you try to upload the image file. To create the logs, please follow the below steps:

  • Log into your CMS as a Super Admin.
  • Go to the Report Fault option and follow the Steps.
  • When you see the option, click Turn on Debugging.
  • Continue with the steps and choose Open in a new Window. Do not close the original window with the Report Fault steps, we will need this later.
  • Now that the new window has opened, please try to upload the image again.
  • Once you receive the error message, close the window and return to the original window with Report Fault
  • Continue to follow the steps and choose Collect and Save option when the option appears. This will create a troubleshoot.zip file.
  • Once again follow the steps until and click the option to Turn off Debugging when available.
  • That’s it!

Please pass on a copy of the troubleshoot zip file as well as a copy of the image file you cannot upload to your CMS.

If you would prefer to keep the logs and image private, please send them to me in a PM.

Many Thanks.

Continuing the discussion from Abort Message Error Xibo 1.8.12:

So this site wont allow me to upload the zip file I got from the troubleshooting steps so here is a link to it.

And I have attached the file I was attempting to upload.


Thank you for the logs and image you are trying to upload. I noticed in your original message that the first attempt to upload a jpg returned you already own media with this name. Please choose another The image underneath has a 0kb file size. can you confirm if the second upload is a renamed version of the first jpg or a separate jpg?

Many Thanks.