500 Error trying to Edit Timeline

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We have huge playlists with hundreds of entries. In CMS 1.8.2 we had no issues with this. After moving to 1.8.12 and 1.8.13, we’re no longer able to click “Edit Timeline” from the Layout. Looking at the JS console in the browser it looks like we’re getting a 500 error from the server.

Any thoughts about what changed since 1.8.2 that would cause this?

The logs are here if it helps: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6fkh8kz05qes6a2/Xibo%20Logs%201-14-20%20--%20500%20error%20editing%20region.zip?dl=0


The log it shows it loading the region and then it stops with no error, so the first thing to check would be the PHP memory limit and the maximum execution time. Your webserver / PHP logs may contain a hint as to which it is.

Thanks Natasha. Is there an “official” way Xibo gives access to webserver/PHP logs or should I go in via a Docker shell?

Try increasing the RAM as a first step by adding into config.env
For example, CMS_PHP_MEMORY_LIMIT=512M will double it. You will need to down/up the containers to apply that.

Failing that, you would need to execute into the container with something like
docker-compose exec -ti cms-web bash that will get you a shell from which you can check logs etc.

Increasing the CMS memory resolved the issue. Thanks so much! As usual, your team is just plain wonderful!!

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