3 weekly canteen menu in schools


Hello All,

I have been asked to put the school canteen menu on a couple of screens to the side of the servery over break/lunch time only.
I’m fine with the new layout and scheduling this for a repeating daily time, however…

The school menu runs on a 3 weekly cycle.
Monday 1 - Meal 1
Tuesday 1 - Meal 2
Monday 2 - Meal 6
Tuesday 2 - Meal 7
Monday 3 - Meal 11
Tuesday 3 - Meal 12
and then back to Monday 1
(hopefully that makes sense).

All the school want on the screens is what the meal is for that day.
I can put all the meals in a dataset, but is there a way I can have the system rotate in a 3 weekly manner?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.