3.1.1 BUG Problem updating Player

CMS version
PHP Version:
php 7.4


I noticed two problems in Xibo in its latest version.

The first problem is encountered when we try to add a background to the Layout. Everything is added correctly and the layout is published without a problem. However, during the player update the background image is not loaded to the player leaving it in a loop.

Second problem:
The other Layouts even published are not sent to the player. We created two more layouts with videos and images, we programmed them for the Player Group and they simply do not appear on loading.

Go to “Modules” page and click “Verify”, it should fix it.
And take a look in you Xibo Client Version… try to update the client version if not get fixed after this.

@pitoco02 I did the steps but still having the same problem. The Client version is V3, I also tried it with V1.8, both with the same problem.

Try deleting the contents of the “cache” folder in your CMS files.

Check if this media exists in your “library” folder

Check if the database has the record of this media in the “Media” table

Try to remove this media from the platform, run the verification of ALL modules, and try to upload the image again.

Try reinstalling the Xibo APP.

Test again.

how can i check the log page to send you. Already with version 3.1.0 it worked normally. I’m using PHP version 7.4.

Do you use the windows player, or android?
Have you checked the status tab on your player to see if there is an error?

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