3.1.0-beta - Manual Instalation Fail - fontCKEditorConfig Error

CMS Version

ISS Server PHP7.2


Manual instalation throws an error:

Any suggestion?

Guys, just a update:

I changed the php version to PHP 7.4, and the error still the same.


The method Xibo\Service\MediaServie::fontCKEditorConfig expect a sting return, and it was returning a NULL value.

To test the CMS, i forced a string return, just to test the method:

Then, the CMS worked

So i runned the CMS Verify Modules:

and removed the change I made to the code

It’s working now… but it’s nice to see whate made this happen!
Any idea?
Thank You!


It might be the permissions are wrong on the library directory you have configured which is preventing files from being written to it.

When XTR runs it will retry that process and will fix it once the filesystem permissions are set correctly on the library directory.

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Thanks for the awnser Natasha! I will take a look in the files permission!

Can you also help me in another topic: 3.1.0-beta - Phinx Error Migration


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