2 Displays, 1 Group, 1 Schedule, Bot show other content


Hi there,

I have 2 android players both in 1 group. They should play the same content by schedule but only 1 of the 2 screens show the right content. Also when i individually schedule the same layout to both screens only 1 of the 2 screens shows the content it should present. The other one keeps showing default layout.


Can you provide a screenshot of the Status Page for the Android Player that is not displaying correctly? You can locate this by clicking the screen while Xibo for Android is running and selecting the Status option from the Action Bar.

Can you also confirm that there are no other Events scheduled to play on the Android Player with the issue? You can check this by selecting the Schedule option in your CMS and clicking on the box above the calendar named Select Displays.

Finally if you select the Displays option in your CMS, has the Display been Authorised? Also what does the Status icon for this Display show? It will be either a tick, cross or cloud.

Many Thanks.


Hi DanBW,

Both show a tick. And there is no further schedule on individual displays.



Could you also send me the screenshot of the Status page on your Android Player? The instructions on how to do this are in my previous message.

Many Thanks.


Hi DanBW is there any way i can send you this in private? Our systems are highly confidential.


Of course, you’re more than welcome.

Many Thanks.


Hi DanBW,

I cannot e-mail you directly because i am a beginning forum user… could you please provide me with something we can communicatie privately.