2.0.0 Released


An issue has been logged for that here:


When will be the dutch language available for V2?


Thank you… removing STRICT_TRANS_TABLES from sql-mode work!


All the same translations are available for 2.0.0 as 1.8.

If there are strings missing, you are welcome to contribute them below, and that will be included in future releases automatically.



I have successfully upgrade Xibo CMS form 1.8.12 to 2.0.0. I have Upgrade with Manual/Custom method and CMS is working on Win 7 with MySQL and Apache.

On picture 1 you can see the CMS Environment checks List -> all OK.

PROBLEM: Now in Layouts -> choose one existing layout -> Design (Checkout) -> Edit I get Empty Layout Design (Picture 2). With Preview Layout I can see that Layout working OK, but I can’t edit layout.

This happens not for all my existing layouts. Some layouts I can Edit but for some I get Empty Layout Design.


We are aware of an issue with existing Layouts as discussed here:


Thank you Natasha. I can confirm that going into the database and manually setting the backgroundColor field to #000000 is working.