2.0.0 Released

We are proud to announce the first release for the 2.0 version of Xibo. The codename for this version is “Swift”.

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I still can’t understand why you are using Forms version for windows, when you made great WPF version which should be used a long time ago.

Unfortunately the WPF version is incomplete - it contains about 10% of the features that the tried and tested windows forms one contains.

We ran into many problems hooking up the remaining 90% of the functionality and had to focus our efforts elsewhere.

If you’re able to assist us then we would be more than happy to accept contributions for that!

Thanks for your question.

I will try to make a version that will suit the CMS, because my version of WPF is heavily modified including third party vendors as VLC, PDF Viewer and few others, I need to remove all features that are not supported by default.

My custom CMS is also heavily modified to support Video In, RTMP, touch, visual effect and many others only for windows players, because my main use is windows. So it will take time until I will scrap the modified version )). But hopefully will have time to do it quickly.


Quick question: do you know when xibo.cloud will be upgraded ?

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You can request an upgrade at https://app.xibo.org.uk

Is it possible to export a layout from a 1.18.12 cloud instance and import it to a demo 2.0.0 cloud instance?

Yes it is! I am running it as I write this.

How to upgrade from 1.18.12 to 2.0.0?

Please follow the link to our Administration manual which gives further details: Upgrading the CMS.

Hello from Arun,

i am trying to install xibo cms 2.0.0 in my wamp server ,it is not working .
Please let me know how can i install in wamp server on my local computer

Done that… but it does not work… what are the new requirement for Xibo 2.0? Does it still work with php 5.6? or need to upgrade? I’ve try using php 5.6 and php 7.3 and mysql 5.7 and mysql 8.0… when i started doing clean install… it will not connect

It should still work with PHP5.6, but we recommend PHP7.2 as that’s what we provide in the Docker containers (and is therefore what is tested).

MySQL should be 5.6 or 5.7.

This is the error I got. I am using the following:
Php 7.2.16 NTS x86
MySQL 5.7.25
Xibo 2.0

just replace sql mode to

inside my.ini of mysql

What are you doing to generate that error please?

This error generated during the first step of the setup, I had it too.
Removing STRICT_TRANS_TABLES from sql-mode fix the porblem, but probably you can do it during the setup.

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Yes i got that error when i am doing new fresh install of Xibo 2.0 CMS

At what stage did you get the error?

When you click next after step 1