1 Display only install

I am working with my local church and they basically wanted to replace a bulletin board with a large tv. I began looking into how to do this and i came across Xibo. It looks like a pretty good fit so that each group in our Church can have a zone on the screen. What doesn’t seem obvious to me, can 1 computer run both the CMS and the player? i would assume so but wanted to make sure. what specs do we need for 1 sign? while there might be some videos, i would guess it will mostly be static shots and text. We have some old computers if they could run it, or if physical space might be an issue i was thinking a sff computer. Any computer we do would probably run windows unless we could get away with only a raspberry pie :slight_smile: Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks!

Yes it can, however you will want to have one central CMS and all players connected to it for easier management, certainly not one CMS per one player as that would be an administrator nightmare :slight_smile:

It’s hard to say, as it may highly depend on the content that should be displayed on it - I’d recommend that once you have the CMS set up, create some layout and test it against your old computers to see how it runs on them.
If they are running on Windows XP, then that could potentially create some problems, as you would not be able to install IE11 on them and therefore Xibo couldn’t use emulated IE11, which in some cases may cause layout playback issues.

We do not recommend it - Can I run a Xibo Player on my Raspberry Pi (all variants)