1.8 RSS Feed only showing one title


I have created a ticker displaying the BBC RSS Feed, however it is only showing one title. How can I get a continuous feed?


All topics regarding 1.8 - please either add 1.8 to the title or post it in the dev section (or both).

Now, to the issue itself.

It does work fine in our test 1.8 environment - with exactly the same settings as you have.

Could you put
[Title] -- [Description]

in appearance tab, perhaps change the title colour as well, just so it’s more visible.

With Marquee effect it should scroll it continuously without issues.

That hasn’t made any difference - now just shows the title and description of one news story.

I’m not sure why that would happen.

You’d need to see the logs (with debugging enabled), perhaps there will be something there.

Is the same on the preview/designer and player?

Yes it’s the same in preview and player

try different feed perhaps, but first and foremost, enable debugging and check CMS logs.
Since I can’t recreate this issue on our test environment, it’s hard for me to say what exactly could be wrong.

Hi, have you find a issue for your problem. i have the same problem with rss in the 1.8.1 version. i have the title and description but no image.