1.8 Old layout still displaying

Please help. I had assigned a layout to check that it was working before removing it to replace with the original (scheduled and assigned to the display) however the layout I was testing has started popping up on the screen- this has happened twice already and then it just reverts back to the original one. Is there a reason why this layout keeps coming back and how do I make it stop?!

Many thanks

What CMS and client version are you using please?

Unless there is very specific reason, we do not recommend assigning layouts to displays - so you might want to undo that.

Is the event still on the Schedule page? - if yes you can delete it

After the above, please restart your player.

Is this layout still in the CMS?

Sorry I meant set as the default layout. Is there a difference?
Using version 1.8
Should I set the schedule again after deleting and restarting?
And yes, the layout is still in the CMS

So I assume that currently you have different layout set as a default layout?
I also assume that the scheduled layout is also different?

ie the layout that you want to get rid of, is not set as a default layout and it’s also not scheduled anymore?
If the above is true, then player should not show it anymore.

After you clear the schedule, make sure player is displaying correct default layout and then proceed with scheduling other layouts.

E. To everyone, if posts are about 1.8 beta, please put it in title or in the ‘Dev’ category (or both).

it is not set as default layout or scheduled yet it seems to keep coming back on randomly.
I have deleted the scheduled layout and restarted and it has changed back to what it should but just as I am typing this it has changed back again to the other layout! I don’t understand how it is flicking between the two when the default layout is set and there’s nothing scheduled

Could you show us a screenshot of status window on your device please?

I assume you’re using Xibo for Windows 1.8 beta as a client?