1.8 Alpha, ZMQ, Windows - Informational

I have been trying for a while now to figure out why we could not get ZMQ installed and to composer’s liking on a Windows OS with no luck.

I finally got around to digging into it some more today and found two interesting articles that finally allowed us to get it working. I thought I would share in case anyone else is also running into this trouble.

First the DLL files that you are to copy to the two folders within your php directory are more than likely locked by Windows if you downloaded them in any form from the internet. You can unlock these files by right-click->properties. At the bottom, click on the Unblock button.

Next you may have added


to your php.ini file, but it turns out that from the command line, where you would run composer, the php.ini file being used may be different than the normal one. To find the command line one, run the command

php --ini

Look to “Loaded Configuration File:” for the one you also will need to add



Restart Apache and now you should be able to run composer without an error about ‘react/zmq v0.3.0’

Hope this helps someone else get started with 1.8 :smiley:

Articles that helped:


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Nice advice, thank you for writing it up!

Two points to know for others than may happen upon this post:

  1. it is not necessary for the release archives - they already have the dependencies downloaded and you don’t therefore need to run composer

  2. there is also another workaround which mean the CLI doesn’t need to have zmq enabled - composer install --no-dev --ignore-platform-reqs. Of course the apache php module will need zmq enabled.

Hope this is useful :smile:

Awesome notes on this!

We had always used the latest from github and were totally unaware that the release archives did not need composer ran.

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For clarity, the release archives are the named tar.gz and zip and not the source code zips:

Basically I run composer for you when I build the release :wink:

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