1.8.4 upgrade to 1.8.5 - Layout editor issues

Hey there,
I finally got my manual install of 1.8.4 completed (on a Server 2016 VM). It appears to be working fine, but when i’ve come to upgrade to 1.8.5, (which again seemed to work well), it’s now putting loads of text in the blue box above the layout editor.

I wasn’t 100% clear on the upgrade process, so i went with “backup the php files folder”, copy new folders on top removing any which have changed location. Post upgrade, i launched Xibo and it asked me to run the ugprade process (presumably to sort the SQL) and it now appears upgraded.

Everything seems to work fine, except for this extra data which messes up the formatting of the page.!

Picture attached:
(no idea if this uploaded image works for anyone else, so have a google drive one too:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mCpDEIaclfYcuCFtIycvsiNa8T1fc2mH/view?usp=sharing )

I do have the troubleshoot zip file if needed, though nothing shouted out at me when i glanced the log!

Cheers in advance!


Now that does look rather odd.

Could you make sure that’s not just a browser cache by clearing it / use different browser?

I’m slightly concerned with this step

Custom installation upgrades are pretty much as they were in 1.7 series ie https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/upgrade_custom.html

Tried a different browser, but get the same.
I take your point about the “copy over” being different to the instructions in the link. Though i use beyond compare to make sure i’m getting the right files, i’ll re-do as per the link (which my google-fu failed to find)!

i believe there are now 3 files that i need to retain though,
web\web.config (??)

I’ll do a manual replace as per instructions, but retain those 3 files and then update you!


Spot on. I’m guessing i retained the “cache” folder during my incorrect upgrade procedure. Full replace was just what the doctor ordered!!

Many thanks for the quick spot!

P.S. Any chance of adding a link to the upgrade instructions in the read.me file of the zip or perhaps the github download page? Obviously, i’ll not make the same mistake again (this year anyway), but it might help others!