1.8.2 Docker - Notifications Are Not Cleared

According to the Task section our task are running, but the notifications are not being cleared.

We had a problem a while back with the task not running because our password was not in an acceptable format. We fixed that months ago, and the task started working. But now, the clearing of task is not happening. We have over 5000 notifications. Where should we start looking to correct the problem?

Are the notifications system notifications? By default, only system notifications are considered. You can adjust that in the Task settings.

Yes they are system notifications.

Notifications are not being cleared as setup.

I did notice that it cleared about 500 of then, so we are down to under 4800 of them. I, really don’t think we racked up this many alerts in 7 days.

I then tried to change readOnly to “1” and run the task. I got this in return after the task ran:

What do you get if you run in the database:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `notification` where releaseDt < '2017-09-22 00:00:00';
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `notification` where releaseDt > '2017-09-22 00:00:00';

That should give a number of notifications that are older and newer than the 7 days you have configured.

Sorry for the very late response.

I have not had the time to try what you suggested Alex. But I did see that the notifications have been reduced by about 5000. Not sure what happened. Maybe some sort of glitch. If I notice it again, I will see about connecting the sql database and see if I see anything strange.

OK sure. It sounds then like those notifications were all more recent than 7 days, and so once they were older, they were deleted as expected.