1.7.9 Displaying Office embedded documents

I am having an odd problem.

I am using Office 365/Onedrive/embedded excel files. whatever you want to call them.

I am using the provided Javascript code to embed sheet into a webpage. works beautifully in the deigner, as well as previewing the layout.

On to separate displays it displays as blank, and does not even respect the duration set.

I dont know what to make of this.

I would like to include the code, but the editor here tries to render it. How can i include it?

My initial thought is that Xibo is trying to cache the page and that is causing the trouble. The generated page is small, and i would not mind loading it live each time. Is there anyway to tell Xibo to ignore the local cache?

Even if i put the code on an html document on an external server and then link to that webpage is does not render it. It puts a small white rectangle in the upper left corner and that is all.

Viewing the html page in several different browsers, it renders exactly i would like. As well as in the designer, and layout preview.

For the record this is using the Windows client on Windows 7 Pro.

Xibo use emulated IE and should obey IE settings (so you can adjust that there).

Please also make sure that browser emulation settings are correct - Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player - #2

I believe that any office 365 document needs to be shared publicly, otherwise it can’t be embedded.

Are there any errors on the player status window?
You can also check the relevant .htm file in your player local library to see what’s in there

ok i will check IE settings and see if i can tweak it there.

the is the code in an html page, that wont actually render in xibo. http://fcbnet.org/xibo/jv.html

It appears that permissions are correct, as that works.

There is an error to the effect of “agent threads are dead”. Only once, and that is the only error. Non sure what that means.

If i right click and print preview, i get a blank document with header and footer showing the title and file path.

It seems to work fine for me

I’ve Xibo in a small window here, but as you can see it shows the webpage without problems - I’ve left it as open natively - that’s most likely what you want to set as well.

I’ve also tested it with 1.7.9 client against 1.7.9 CMS and 1.8.1 client against 1.8.1 CMS, works fine in both cases.

Ok. Some must be a client side issue then. Thanks for the test. that helps me narrow it down for sure.

I haven’t seen a lot of implementations of this. So far it seems very useful. Not simply the old iframe method from Onedrive. You can use the javascript to pick out certain cells and sheets, choose starting cell, and I’m sure a lot more that i haven’t played with just yet.