1.7.6 R59 Cannot Perform Remote Reboot

We have CMS 1.7.6 and Android Clients running R59 rooted RK902II. We verified that Xibo says it has Super User permissions. We have a layout with the shell command option and “reboot” in the Android resection.(We have used this layout before to perform remote reboots in I believe R57 or R58 and CMS 1.7.3) We schedule the said layout for 30 minutes into the future. Exit the Xibo Client, and then restart it. We see a new layout downloaded on both the CMS and the Status window of the client. When the time arrives and then passes by 10 minutes, it is obvious it is not going to work. We also double checked the CMS and Client date and times matched.

These are brand new Android clients and setups. We have a splash screen and a simple one image layout as the default layout. Nothing else is scheduled at all. All other programs like Quick Boot, that require root, work fine.

Am I missing something?

We figured it out. For the root console commands to work correctly for us, we had to make sure the Xibo was specifically listed in SU as having been granted root access.

will you please tell what is the command you use to sleep and rewake the android devise ?

We haven’t made that work for us yet. But it sounds like Max may have. I am waiting a reply. See here

Update: I should have been a little more specific. We have not had the time to work on controlling our Android units in regards to the shut down and start up commands. Other commands like reboot do work for us, and I am sure shutdown will also work. Waking back up or turning a unit on.... that is very much different. :grin:

reboot command: reboot
Shutdown command: reboot -p

Thank you , I’ll give a try and let you know

Sorry cslaughter for slow reply I didn’t work on weedkend. Just use command “input keyvent 26 && sleep (s) && input keyvent 26” but time unit in sleep command is use second only because android is unix. Hope it’s work fine