1.4.2 help for videos


I work in a hospital and for whatever reason, IT refuse to upgrade Xibo. We are currently running on 1.4.2.

I’m struggling to embed YouTube videos. I’ve tried all sorts of different configurations of code but none of them seem to make the video autoplay. I also can’t link to the YouTube webpage as it runs on IE11 and doesn’t get further than a screen to change browsers.

I thought downloading the video instead might be better but the 2mb file size is restrictive on a 50 inch TV as the video has to be in a very low quality and very short.

When we got this software 4 years ago, the engineer from IT setup a network drive for us, and told us if we turned a PowerPoint into a PDF and called it a very specific file name “Diabetes” then that could run as a video. I wanted to reverse engineer this but I don’t have access to the Design of that particular layout. Does anyone happen to know what he did?

Ideally, I’d either like to be able to play YouTube embedded videos, or put videos in our network drive and have the software pull directly from it. I tried help through our IT team but they are outsourced and no one knows how to use this software, and we have a long process to upgrade any software in our Trust.