1.4.2 - force browser

on some old installations we are using Xibo 1.4.2. We have some problems on displaying some pages. It seems that the problem is related with the browser used to display the page. Is it IE8? Is there the possibility to force the use of a new version or a different browser?

Bye and thanks.

You can try installing IE11 (assuming it’s not running on WinXP) and make this registry change (browser emulation) Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player

That being said, we really don’t recommend so old CMS/player versions.

Thanks Peter. I know that the best thing is to use latest version but for it’s not easy to update a system that is working. The problem that we had now is that we are using a webpage that is no more supported on IE8 and we need to understand how to solve the issue. Your suggestion is very helpful for us. Now we have to understand how to proceed… :slight_smile:

Bye and thanks again.