0kb image files

Hi community,

i have the problem that xibo edit my images to 0kb, but i don’t know why.
Anyone has an idea what I can do?
2 weeks ago there was the same problem, i have uploaded all images new(this run fine) and start a Campaign to 31.01(no problems here too), since today all images was 0kb again.



Have you configured the Player and the CMS to use the same library directory by any chance?


So it seems that link to your troubleshoot.txt is no longer works, just a reminder that you might want to edit some sensitive data from it before posting here.

What CMS and client version are you using please?

As for the images, it could be good to check that your CMS library and your client library are in a separate locations (they need to be separate)

Thank you for your answers, what do you mean with seperate client and cms library?
I run the cms(1.7.5) and the client(1.7.15) on the same virtual pc win 7(xampp 3.2.2)

ah ok the libary setting from client, i have mean i must say the client the path of the cms libary sorry my misstake :frowning: