Zip export with php 5.6.3 (xampp)

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I found a bug:
line 1753 should read
$result = $zip->open($fileName, ZIPARCHIVE::CREATE | ZIPARCHIVE::OVERWRITE);

reference: PHP: ZipArchive::open - Manual

Have you been able to test that to ensure it’s 100% safe change to make?

Anyone else having that problem able to confirm it fixes their issue?

Sorry, i can not test i more, how should i? it is working for me!
What version of php are you using?

That’s fine if it’s definitely working for you. Neither Dan nor I have an issue, nor is there any issue on the Spring Signage platform with this so I’d like to get some more feedback before we rolled it in to 1.7.4?

Here’s the line in question:

Yes, thats the line. Sure, it is better if others test first.

@Lelouch were you seeing this error? I forget! :laughing:

I’ve logged it as a bug so it doesn’t get forgotten:

I will read up on it when I get to the bug and see if that is the appropriate thing to do - as far as I know the overwrite flag should already incorporate the create flag :confused:

What php version are you using on your production servers and development system?
(Another source from moodle, referencing the same post

The Cloud platform uses 5.3 currently. I’m not sure what version Dan has on his development system.

Ok, but running on linux i think, thats why you don’t have that problem.

Thanks. When Dan gets to looking at that bug I’m sure he now has what he needs. Further reports of the patch working on Windows and/or not breaking Linux based installs welcome however.

Thanks. This is working for me too. Finally i can export my layout.