Youtube video play terribly stuttering only in xibo player

I have several Windows xibo client 1.7.9 on Windows 10, on xibo player i play some videos that are ok locally, and sometimes i show a live stream on youtube embedding a youtube url that open a video full screen. If i play the same video on the same pc the stream is perfect (using both chrome or Explorer 11) even in 1080p, but with xibo the framerate is really poor or even stuck. Why that big difference?
thank you

You can double check that browser emulation in registry is correctly set.

Is that a video playback issue or ‘buffering’ ie connection issue?

You’re using webpage widget with embed link to the video on YouTube?

Could try using embed html widget with the script from here and see if it is any different - Autoplay Embedded Youtube Videos

^ it is mostly for android because the embed link with ‘?autoplay=1’ does not work on android, but this script will also work on Windows.

Browser emulation Keys in register are ok, no connection or buffering issues. I am using webpage with this link

stream in youtube is a bit stuttering but it would be ok for my use, if i play it in internet Explorer 11 or chrome on the same xibo player video is exactly as the origin, within xibo is like 2-3 fps constantly or even worse, if I use the suggested code for android to embed videos it works and start on android but in Windows it stays still with the red play button in the center.
Thank you

I am experiencing this same issue - Windows 10 LTSB, Xibo v1.8.2, Minix Z64W device, YT live stream works perfectly through IE11 yet it constantly stutters through Xibo player on the same machine.

Has anyone experienced, and successfully fixed this issue?