YouTube playlist won't play on Windows client but will in browser

Hi, I am trying to get a YouTube playlist to run in the Windows client by using the current embedded HTML code supplied by YouTube, with the addition of autoplay and loop added to the code.

When I preview or design the layout through my browser on the display machine (I use the cloud hosting service) the playlist starts fine. When I launch the windows client on the display machine it’s a no go. I get YouTube’s restricted content message:

“This video contains content from WMG. It is restricted from playback on certain sites. Watch on YouTube”.

Now I would have thought that the embedded video content couldn’t be played 3rd party or away from YouTube AT ALL if the restrictions said so. So why can I play it OK via the browser (IE 11) and not on the Windows Client. Anyone else come across this?

I have looked up some thoughts about compatibilities and have already made the registry changes at Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player with no success.

Any ideas?

I expect Youtube is detecting that it’s being played back in an iframe.

If there’s restrictions on playing the content then there’s a good chance unless your the rights holder that you shouldn’t be playing it back on a digital sign without permission. I’d check the licence the videos are published under and if your convinced you should be allowed to publish them in a digital sign the open a support case with Youtube to query why their servers are blocking playback of the content.

OK, but would it not detect the iframe embed code running within the web browser too and also block the content here too? If doesn’t do so.

I understand the reasoning behind the restriction, what I am more confused about is why the windows client is not liked but a third party webpage is.

You would need to ask Youtube/Google why they restrict content. I’ve no idea I’m afraid why they’ve chosen to do so in this case.