Youtube does not fit in the Region

Hi There,

I try to embed a YouTube video on a layout.
Manage to get the autoplay working on android with a script but I do not seem to get the sizing right.
On my Phone the region is bigger than the video canvas.
On the Minix X7 the video does not fit in the region.

I now changed the resolution in the Timeline editor to the resolution of the video 640x356.
It switched Scaling on. The size of the region I used the Size of the Video 854x475.
Looks better now but I think it still does not fit completely

Any suggestions?


So the embed link from YouTube, embedded in Xibo in an iframe is one of a few things that looks better on Windows client actually.
On Android, well you can try adjust the iframe/region sizes, but it might not be perfect.

If you want to you can share your layout (export it from your CMS) with me I’ll have a look later today and see if we can make it a bit better.

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Can I mail the zip file to you.

upload it to dropbox or similar service and share the download link with me here or via pm.

Ok I saw your layout, I am also familiar with this script.

Unfortunately I think that’s a YouTube thing, this script might not work on every device and well the embed code alone also doesn’t look quite good on Android (not to mention that some videos just won’t work (copyrights thing).

You can try to adjust width/height in the script (so it will match the region size) but I am not sure if it will fit perfectly.

btw. Is this YouTube video yours/your Company? I mean if you have rights to show it on your digital signage, and if you have rights to that video, then perhaps better solution would be to download it and put in video module in Xibo.
Again only if you have rights to that video, otherwise it’s illegal.


Have been tweaking the size a bit more and think it (almost) fits now.
If we start using this we will implement with identical devices. On the minix this script autostarts the video so that looks Ok.
This was just a private video to do a bit of debugging. And also to look what we can accomplish with this.

Thanks again!

Ok, that’s good to know, as I said the thing with YouTube and copyrights sometimes makes it not reliable.

I am glad that your tests were successful :smile:

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