Your browser can't play this youtube video

Hello, I’m having a problem on one of the devices I’m using, when it comes to embedding a youtube video in xibo, my version of xibo is 1.7.0 I’m using windows 7, the problem is the following I have a collage on which there is a photo, a scroll text and the video, everything is played except the video, it gives me an error that says the browser cannot play the video, the browser I use is chrome and I have vlc installed, on the other devices I can play The video is fine, I have also tried to disable the firewall, I have updated to the latest possible version of vlc, xibo and chrome. this is the html code i use :

<div id="player"></div>

<script src=""></script>
  var player;
  function onYouTubeIframeAPIReady() {
    player = new YT.Player('player', {
      suggestedQuality: '360p',
      height: '1080',
      width: '1920',
      videoId: 'xBZ10v9jfCI',
      events: {
        'onReady': onPlayerReady,
        'onError': onError,
        'onStateChange': onPlayerStateChange
  function onPlayerReady(event) {
  function onError(event) {
  function onPlayerStateChange(event) {
    console.log('Player Status: ' +;
    if ( === YT.PlayerState.BUFFERING) {
      console.log('Buffering failed, restarting');
      setTimeout(function() { player.playVideo(); }, 1000);

Thanks i wait answer!

HI Imanol_Rodrigues, welcome to the community!

I’ve been testing Youtube video playback on my Xibo for Windows test players and so far it is working well. I used the video ID in your script and that is working on my players. Here is a screenshot from my player running that Youtube video:

There are a few differences between my test setup and yours:

  • I tested on Windows 10 (you have Windows 7).
  • I am using the latest CMS (3.3.4 at the time of writing this message), whereas you are using 1.7, which has been end of life for quite some time now.
  • I tested on player versions R201, R258 and R308 and all worked without issue.
  • I am using the script from this document but your script is slightly different and missing some elements.

I have sent you a link in a private message that contains the layout I created for testing. Could you import it into your CMS and schedule it to your display?

Many Thanks.

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