xperiences with Rack Server Hardware Choices for Xibo CMS?

Hello everyone,

I am planning to set up a rack server for my Xibo CMS and I am looking for some advice on hardware choices. I would appreciate it if anyone could share their experiences with the following:

Processor: Which processor would be the best choice for running Xibo CMS on a rack server? Any recommendations?

RAM: How much RAM would be sufficient for running Xibo CMS on a rack server? Would 16GB be enough or should I go for more?

Storage: What type of storage would be best for a rack server [ Rack Servers | Lenovo UK running Xibo CMS? Would a RAID setup be necessary?

Networking: What type of network card would be best for a rack server running Xibo CMS? Would a 1Gbps card be sufficient or should I go for more?

Power Supply: What wattage power supply would be sufficient for a rack server running Xibo CMS?

I would appreciate any advice or experiences that you can share on these topics. Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,
Melissa Hankins

Most of your questions are compute speed and power related , so the answer for any server setup is directly related to how many end players are you planning on managing with the CMS?

for the self hosted servers we manage we have a couple different instances of the docker CMS web front end, load balanced / fail over . That connects to a separate MySQL VM. That database lives on an nvme array in raid 10 configuration.

We have 10gbe nic and switches with fibre 10gbe from our local telecom company, and we have 4 x 200mb up 2000mb down bonded connection from our cable company. Our content strategy is very light in terms of file size, so xibo hardly takes any bandwidth

The Good thing about store forward networks like digital signage is that you don’t need a massive pipe to be able to serve your clients. Just a little bit of lead time can save the need for such a large pipe.

xibo is very resource light, even the reports dont take much cpu/mem when they are being run .

The R in raid is for redundant, which is always a good idea iny opinion.

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Hi Melissa,
I only use VPS with XIBO instances under docker. If you want to make a rack server then you have to do it the right way (raid, double power supply, etc.).
Internet bandwidth will depend on the number of players you have on your server.
Here is an example of my configuration
HDD: 100GB
OS : debian 11

And the xibo bandwidth stats
I hope this will help you

See you

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