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Debian Bullseye


When issuing XMR commands we’re getting “Player action refused by XMR (connected but XMR returned false).” – it’s worth noting multiple CMS instances are using this XMR instance successfully – it’s just this one CMS instance that’s misbehaving – so we know the XMR host is sane and working properly.

Now I’ve looked at the codebase and this is thrown in the PlayerActionService.php – but i’ve tested communication with the XMR service and it’s working as-intended – using a stubbed-client I can obtain the stats without issue from the same host. So I know we can access the XMR host.

My concern is this – what could cause the send() method to return false internally? I ask because i have debug logs to print every message XMR receives and we’re not receiving any messages from the CMS – which tells me it’s returning false internally before actually sending to the zmq socket.

This install is very old, it started as a v1.8 CMS and has been upgraded over the years to v3.3.5 – is there anything i should look at in the tables to validate my suspicion that we’re missing some of the required attributes when building the message for XMR (channel, message key)?

Please take a look at the settings table in your database. Check if the XMR ADDRESS address is correct there.

I appreciate the pointer but it checks out OK – has the right info there.

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