XMR Private vs Public Address behind NAT


I’m running XMR as a service on the same Ubuntu server that I am hosting the Xibo CMS but I’m having trouble with screenshots and running free commands (such as /system/bin/reboot) on my remote Android displays (Factory root enabled android 9.0).

I’m just wondering if anyone can clarify something regarding the config.json file and the Settings → Displays setting in the CMS.

We have the server behind NAT with an IP of 10.0.0.X. Port 9505 is forwarded from our public IP address (for instance) 123.456.789.12.

In the config.json, the “pubOn” address would be “tcp://10.0.0.X:9505” but in Settings → Displays → XMR Public Address, should I have 123.456.789.12?

Both listenOn (in the config.json) and XMR Private Address (in the CMS settings) are set to tcp:

I have XMR debug on and can see messages being sent (Sending Immediately [] []) but I receive no confirmation from the remote devices that message is received and screenshots are not immediate - is this normal? In the CMS, XMR Registered is ticked on each display.

Many thanks!

On the CMS set the XMR to the public IP/DNS with your NAT / firewall rules pointing to the internal IP

External IP
CMS DNS: sub.domain.com

Internal CMS
Internal XMR:

your XMR in the CMS will read


change it to TCP://
Or TCP://sub.domain.com:9505

Then it should work.

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