XMR not working. Player action connection failed. E = Cannot seal message


I have a custom Xibo 4.0.4 installation Debian 12 with PHP 8.2. XMR does not seem to be working and I keep getting errors.

The configuration is as shown:
“listenOn”: “tcp://”,
“pubOn”: [“tcp://”],
“debug”: true

For troubleshooting, I ran XMR manually with
sudo -u www-data /usr/bin/php /var/www/xibo/vendor/bin/xmr.phar:
root@apollon ~ # sudo -u www-data /usr/bin/php /var/www/xibo/vendor/bin/xmr.phar
[2023-10-28 23:45:15] xmr.INFO: Starting up - listening for CMS on tcp://
[2023-10-28 23:45:15] xmr.INFO: Bind to tcp:// for Publish.
[2023-10-28 23:45:15] xmr.DEBUG: Adding a queue processor for every 5 seconds
[2023-10-28 23:45:45] xmr.DEBUG: Heartbeat…
[2023-10-28 23:46:15] xmr.DEBUG: Heartbeat…
[2023-10-28 23:46:45] xmr.DEBUG: Heartbeat…
[2023-10-28 23:47:15] xmr.DEBUG: Heartbeat…
[2023-10-28 23:47:45] xmr.DEBUG: Heartbeat…

Here is the log I get, when I execute a command:

The Windows and Linux Clients don’t get the commands but they seem to be connected:

It seems that XMR is not getting the commands. I don’t know how to solve this problem and fail at finding a solution.

I had the same problem but then with Xibo 3. The problem was that I upgraded my server to Ubuntu 22 and PHP 7.4. On Ubuntu 22 PHP 7.4 works with openssl 3, and I needed openssl 1. So I ended in downgrading my server and now it’s working again. Maybe it’ll help you too. Let me know

The problem unfortunately still persists also after purging openssl 3 and installing openssl 1

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