XMR Error in Log

Hi all,

Anyone has any idea what the error I’m seeing below?
Should i be concern?

Hi Akram. The log you are seeing is a status log for a Xibo for Windows player. When you are using a Xibo for Windows player that log is generated when you request a screenshot from the player. If you go to the Displays menu in your CMS and click on the thumbnail for the requested screenshot you will see the same information listed underneath. This is what I see when I do that for my Windows player:

In short, there is nothing to be concerned about, this is a status log for the player, not an error.

Many Thanks

Hello again Dan!
Thanks for your reply, hope all is good.
Actually, its appearing in my logs every hour even tho if I did not request for a screenshot. Just suspected that it has something to do with the XMR not working correctly. I can see under displays “XMR Registered” column that its a tick and I do see XMR Status connected when i press “i”.
But my displays won’t check in with the server when there is a content change but instead will wait for the “Collect Interval” time that was set in the settings same for requesting screenshot.

Anyways I’m installing with OpenShift. So I was wondering what else could I check or look for to see if the XMR is working properly.

Thank you for your reply Akram.

All is good here, hope you are well too. The fact that the log is being generated should not be an issue. According to the log your XMR service is connected and working.

A good way to test your XMR service is to request a screenshot from your player. If XMR is working your screenshot will be returned within seconds, definitely before the next collect interval. If it only returns on the collect interval then XMR is not working. You can also try the collect now button to see if the last accessed date updates when you do that.

I’m not sure what CMS version or install method you have used but here are some links to our documentation on configuring XMR:


Many Thanks.

Thank you Dan, I’m well too.
Did the test, screenshot did not return in seconds, only updates during the collect interval. The same with the collect button, the last accessed dates doesn’t update.

I’m using CMS 3.0.6, I’m installing it with the container provided in Docker Hub and running it on Openshift.

I do not see any errors, so I’m really not sure what is not working here, I suppose ZeroMQ and the XMR is already pre-install in the container. Additionally, I also see that there is a XMR container provided which I’m trying to find out if I could make use of that. If you have any tips or advice, I would appreciate it. Thank you Dan!

Thanks for your reply. Have you set the XMR public address correctly in your CMS? I can’t tell from your screenshot if you have entered the IP address or the domain name, please can you make sure to try just the IP address?

This was all I needed to do to get my XMR service working on my local installation. I have not used Openshift so I cannot confirm if your setup is somehow related to your XMR service not working. It is also very important that the time, date and time zone are correct on your CMS and player to within 30 seconds to ensure the messages do not time out.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan, thanks for your reply too. Yes I have set the XMR public address, tried it with both the domain name and the IP address. The date and time on bothe the CMS and player are correct as well.

I did read up on the below regarding the config.json file. May i check in your installation is this file already existed or you have to create it?

Hello Dan, just wanna asked if you have an update on the following?

“I did read up on the below regarding the config.json file in the vendor/bin folder. May i check in your installation is this file already existed or you have to create it?”

Hi Akram, please excuse the delayed reply. Docker based installations should have XMR preinstalled, the config.json file is not necessary with that type if setup. Entering the tcp address into the XMR public address field in my previous screenshot should be enough to start the service.

Your first screenshot suggests that XMR is running and waiting for messages. By default it uses port 9505, please can you make sure that port is open inbound for your CMS setup? You could also try an XMR reconfigure to see if this clears the issue you are seeing. To reconfigure XMR:

  • Go to the Displays menu in your CMS.
  • Click the row menu button at the end of the entry for your player and choose Edit from the menu.
  • When the Edit Display window opens, go to the Advanced tab and tick the box Reconfigure XMR.
  • Save to confirm.

The next time the player connects to your CMS it will reconfigure and you can try again to see if the service is now working.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan, thanks again for the reply.
Sorry I’m not installing on docker, but I hope I could get some info :slight_smile:
I’m using the containers provided docker hub to run it in OpenShift. May i check on the below:

  • If I’m using the cms container from dockerhub, do I need to link it to the xmr container or does the cms container already comes with xmr preinstalled inside it? I’m a little confuse as I can see a separate xmr container is also provided in dockerhub
  • In this case do I need the “config.json” file configure in the vendor/bin folder?
  • The xmr shows connected, however after 5 minutes it will show as inactive and by the looks of the time, it looks like it was never connected. (Started the player at 3:51pm, shows active… 5 mins later it shows the last connected time was 3:51pm which is when the player starts, weird…)

Many thanks for the support Dan! I really appreciate it!!

Thank you for the reply and please excuse my misunderstanding. You will indeed need the XMR container and they will need to be linked. Xibo already provides the containers for the CMS database and XMR in a docker compose file with a config.env file that connects the containers together. If you go to the release post for a CMS, for example 3.0.8 you can download the Linux or Windows Xibo for Docker archives to see how this is done.

In short if you have only the CMS container but not the XMR container then that will likely explain why XMR is not working.

Many Thanks.

Hello Dan, noted on your reply. With this then its means that I do need the config.json file in the bin/vendor folder am i right? Thanks!

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