XMPlayer or LED Studio to Xibo?

I’m trying to get Xibo on a LED video wall. Currently they are controlled with DB Star XMPlayer and LED Studio.

Has anyone here done this?
What do I need to clone my Desktop to the LED wall in order to use Xibo?

I’ve used several video wall systems and it’s important to recognise that they vary a lot.

The software you mention is mostly replaced by Xibo but ultimately, it depends on the controller that drives the video wall. Some take HDMI or DVI. This is simple because you can simply plug in your client device.

this elation manual may help you, but remember, its highly hardware specific.

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Everything is connected correctly.

With DB star or LED studio, I need to set a screen size which will always run on a window at the top left of my screen. This window corresponds to the “stuff” that will display on the billboard.

I’m kinda lost as to how to achieve this with Xibo.

You can size the Player from a Display Settings Profile on the CMS.

Create a new profile, and on the Location tab set the width and height to be the width and height you want the Player to be, and the Left and Top coordinate to 0 to be top left of the screen.

Save the profile and either make it default or assign it to your Display in the CMS.

Then start the Player, allow it to register with the CMS, and then restart the Player again and it should run windowed at the top left of the screen.

Can you list / describe all the hardware please, with model numbers and quantities ?


PC (Win7) 4GB RAM
Video Card 1GB with DVI

Via DVI and USB, is a Synchronous sending card from DBStarLED (DBS-HVT11IN).d
The sending card is connected via Ethernet to the receiving card from DBStarLED (DBS-HRV12A75).

I have a small cabinet set up at the office which is 96Hx128W

Ok thank you.

What are you using for Xibo clients?

You may be able to connect directly to the receiving card or you may need the input processor VDWALL LedSync820H LED Video Processor

If you client supports it, I’d test concocting a HDMI to DVI-D (zibo client to input card.