Xmds.php GET error 404

I have installed Xibo and the CMS WebUI works perfectly, however when connecting a windows client to it, it fails to download any files with the error: - - [05/Feb/2023:09:20:57 +0000] "GET /xmds.php?file=...&displayId=2&type=L&itemId=5 HTTP/1.0" 404 - "-" "-"

this appears multiple times with the itemId changing each time, this is a fresh install and I dont see why this isn’t working.
XMR is properly configured. (i think)

if anyone knows why this is occuring you would be a lifesaver!

Hi and welcome!

Is this a Docker install?

When a player connects it calls an endpoint called “Required Files” which calculates the list of files needed to download and attaches a “nonce” to those which is what you have hidden behind ... in your URL.

That nonce is cached and the URL sent to the player.

You get a 404 when the nonce sent in file=... does not match the nonce in the cache.

Perhaps there is some configuration issue with the cache - you could try following the report fault wizard and sending the troubleshoot.zip file.

This is a docker install. I have not setup caching, and if the container does it (memcached), I have recreated the stack while I was troubleshooting and showed the same 404. (the cache should of been reset when the stack is recreated).

If its a docker install it should all be setup for you - caching is internal to the CMS so doesn’t need anything complex configured.

I think the next step is the trouble shoot process - which should tell us why the 404 has been issued.

step 0 in troubleshooting, reinstalling. which I have done and it still throws a 404, do you have any ideas of anything else i can troubleshoot?

I’ll need you to follow the report fault process and send us the troubleshoot.txt file, which should highlight any errors in the CMS.

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