XiboTicker not returning data 3.3.5 on ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Hi ,

I have a situation with the Ticker feature in xibo 3.3.5 . in the past the ticker worked well and i had no problems with that . Now it seems the ticker is not receiving any data . But if i test the RSS feed with another site , the data is returned . I had to move away from the 3.2.1 , because the weather widget stopped working and the currencies widget also did not work (PS they still don’ t but i will tackle those later )

The system is a fresh install of both Xibo 3.3.5 and Unbuntu server 22.04 LTS .
RSS feed being use is Eyewitness News | Latest News
obviously the %20 refers to the space in the names , I first thought this might be where its going wrong then i looked at my old installation file and this is used as is .

I read a few post about permissions and the modules validation , I attempted the suggestions in those discussion from Alex but they are not heling this situation.

Any other suggestions ?

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