XiboClient.exe wrong file version in properties


I have a need to query the file version from the XiboClient.exe (Xibo Player application) for use in reporting. However, when I look at the File Version in Properties, the version shown is 2.0.0. Do you accurately maintain the file version number within the executable file itself?

See picture below.

It would be best to open Xibo player options → help → about

Yes, but I need to do this programatically from a .NET application. Best practices for coding would have the developer put the correct assembly version within the file properties.

Can this be done going forward?

Maintaining the assembly version caused us some issues in the past (which I must admit I cannot recall now) - I can create a bug to investigate why for the next release.

This is the first time in 10 years anyone has ever looked at that assembly version :smile:

Thank you for opening a bug on it and investigating. Not a deal killer if you are not able to implement. :slight_smile:

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