Xibo Without CMS

Version 1.8.11

So, my issue is more of a question I have. I have two machines that fell off the domain, need a lift to access, and are on an old CMS that I would like to decommission. They have downloaded and cached the files needed to run which are just web addresses. My thought is even if I shutdown the CMS that the cached files will continue to run the display. My question is does anyone know if it will fail if it tries to reach out to the CMS? or will it just continue to run forever? My guess is that it will continue but I am not 100% sure.


If the layouts are scheduled as the default layout then yes in theory they’ll continue to show that content forever.

The risk though is that if the Player decides one of the files it has is no longer valid for some reason, then it it will show the splash screen until it can reach the CMS. So it should be fine as a short term measure, but I would plan to access those as soon as you can, and have a plan for what happens if they do go to the splash screen in the interim.

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