Xibo windows client only showing Xibo splash screen

I have just setup Xibo 1.7.7 and the client wont play the layouts I have set, the layout Is able to be used but will not display on the client.

I have only used Xibo to create this layout no external media.

I have scheduled it to display but only this screen apprears

Make sure that you have fully qualified path to the CMS library in CMS settings ('Library location section of this post Xibo CMS Post-Installation Setup Guide)

Then click verify all on Modules page in CMS

restart your player give it a moment to download required files

If after all of that it still does not display your layouts correctly, please press ‘i’ on your keyboard to open status window on your player. It should have some information about possible problems your player encountered.

All that is correct and the status menu give an error of:

MainForm - changetothenextlayout Prepare layout failed. Exception raised was: default layout
MainForm - changetothenextlayout layout change to failed. Exception raised was: default layout

Also Top left reads:

LayoutID: 0, Runs from 01/01/0001 00:00:00

This is my path:

this is your Xibo for Windows local library - at least I assume it is.

CMS library should be on your web server and you do need fully qualified path to it in CMS settings.
It’s also absolutely crucial that CMS library and player library are separate.

Hi, I don’t know whih Windows version you are using but if you are on an embedded version, you must install by hand :NET Framework. I had the same problem and I solved it after that installation.

no that it it on the web server

installed .net latest version today


did you check that ALL regions which are added do have content added?
The same failure appears at my layouts when someone forgets to add some content like a logo picture to the given regions.