Xibo Windows Client 100% CPU

Hi, I have just upgraded the Xibo CMS to 1.7.4 and have upgraded the clients too.

After upgrading the clients, the client’s CPU is sitting at 100% usage while the Xibo client is running.

If I quit the client then the CPU usage drops to 1%.

These systems were running fine before I upgraded the client software - was running v1.4 before the upgrade.

The Machines aren’t very powerful - The one that is having the most problems (very sluggish), has got a poor spec: 1GB RAM, 1.5GHz single-core CPU, onboard GFX. The RAM is only using 52%. CPU at 100% all the time - is it simply too low spec for Xibo?

I have other machines with similar high cpu usage, but they don’t feel sluggish to use. They have slightly better spec: 2GB RAM (34% used), 1.6GHz dual-core CPU with AMD GFX, CPU is bouncing between 90% and 100%

The layout I am using has a video (WMV) taking up about two thirds of the screen and a rss news feed ticker scrolling up the right hand side

If I remove the video/newsfeed from the layout, and replce it with just a static layout with only a text region, then the CPU usage sits at 1% - so it is obviously the rendering that is causing the high cpu… Is there anything I can do to improve the rendering performance (other than replace with new/better machine).

If I remove the video and leave the ticker (scrolling, marquee up, speed 1), the cpu is at 100%, and the scrolling is verrrry slooooooow - much slower that the other clients that have the same settings (machine feels very sluggish)

Same if I remove the ticker and leave only the video - 100% cpu

Hope you can help, thanks in advance



Both video playback and text animation are taxing on the CPU. Both at the same time will make it work really hard.

It sounds to me like they’re perhaps not really powerful enough - although that does surprise me - especially for the more powerful machines.

That said Windows 7 on its own will eat most of the resources of any of those machines so that may be the root cause.

The strangest thing is when you have only the video showing and it is still sitting at 100% - video playback in the windows player hasn’t changed at all since we first released the player (it just hands things off to WMP).

It might be an idea to ensure your .NET framework and graphics drivers, etc are all up to date

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