Xibo web engine with ubuntu 18.04 in 4K resolution

I’m using xibo-player with ubuntu 18.04 in the stable and edge versions with a 4k tv.

I am using a web page with bootstrap 4.0. When that web page is viewed with a resolution of 4k, page does not work. When changing the resolution to full hd, a page works.

Some CSS elements work with Xibo with resolution of ubuntu 18.04 in FULL HD and these CSS elements do not work with or Xibo in resolution of ubuntu 18.04 in 4K.

Are the versions of webkitgtk different using Xibo in ubuntu 18.04 resolutions (Full HD and 4K)?

Xibo uses the webkitgtk version 2.4.11. There are many CSS elements that do not work in this version. Why not use a more current webkitgtk or Chromium web engine?

How to change the xibo configuration to use another web engine?

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