Xibo vs Signagelive in html5

Dear all,

Recently,i have a try for Signagelive digital signage.
The html5 content work really well. Signagelive also associated with 3rd party to provide beautiful html5 content.
But the price is too high for Signagelive.
About $22.5 per month for 1 client ($270/1 year/1 client)

Could some body please tell me can we handle this with xibo ?
I like xibo due to it’s flexibility and affordable pricing.



If you could tell us more about what exactly you’d like to display etc.

Then we should be able to either suggest how can that be done as it is, or perhaps we could add some feature requests if it would be required.

Hi Peter,

We need to use html5 content to expose the information to customers.
For example:

But i have not seen any detail topic about this with Xibo yet.

And i do not know why Signagelive have a high price like that if i can solve it by Xibo

Xibo supports HTML5/CSS3 through the display and can be used for menu boards such as the one you have linked. It is preferable to do that sort of thing in Xibo, rather than in an external application - but the choice is yours really.

If I were to approach the above, i’d be looking to:

  • Add a DataSet describing your menu content
  • Create a Layout with a background image defining your red color
  • Add regions for your static logos
  • Add regions for your menu data, and add datasetview widgets, style with CSS as appropriate

Alternatively… design the entire thing in a webpage and pop that in a web page region in Xibo (you miss out on the UI we have already built, the player offline caching, etc)

Hi Dan,

Thank so much !
We use Minix Neo X5mini with Android 4.1.
Will it work well with html5 ?


Basic HTML5 should work. Android 4.1 uses the older version of the Android Webview which supports less.

You can upgrade the firmware on the X5mini to Android 4.4 which brings the Chrome version of the Webview with it which may give you better html5 support.

Hi Alex,

I use the Android 4.1 because this version is stable.
We use a customization ROM to change the splash logo and minix animation and see that the Android 4.4 is not stable and very annoyed(Update popup, can not boot directly without Metro Launcher …)

I will test on 4.1 version first.



Android 4.1 is quite old now though so you will probably find the more advanced features of HTML5 lacking.

If you’re customising the ROM anyway then it should be relatively simple to remove the updater from the ROM and change the default launcher. I’ve updated a few X5mini’s to 4.4 and haven’t had issues with the updater and just simply selected the standard launcher rather than the metro launcher and they’re running OK here.

Hi Alex,
Could you please share me this ROM ?
Thank in advance

I’ve only used the stock 4.4 ROM I linked above.

The updater didn’t cause me any issues that I’m aware of and I selected not to use Metro launcher at the first boot.

What I said was if you were customising the ROM anyway, then removing the updater APK and changing the default launcher should be trivial - not that I have a ROM with those changes made already (as I haven’t needed one)