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Docker v3.1.1

Our use case for Xibo involves 1 user with access to delete and upload a monthly slideshow in form of .mp4 on all of our Layouts.
This user has the View,Edit, & Delete permissions for the Video widget in our Layouts.
And, View only permissions for all other widgets on all of our layouts.

Prior to upgrading to Xibo V3 this worked without issue, however since upgrading to v3.0 it appears his permissions are not remaining persistent month to month.
After the user deletes the video his permissions go along with it, as a workaround I have been signing in with the admin account and granting this user the delete permission each month.
I have also upgraded to Xibo v3.1.1 in hopes that the patch would help resolve our issues but it appears the issue remains.

Is there anyway to give a user Full Access to only 1 widget in a Layout or is this changed now in the latest version?
Like I mentioned, the user only need to be able to upload and replace a video in the Layout, does not necessarily need to delete, but is there a way to replace?

What would be the best way to about this in the newest version of Xibo?

Layouts, Folders and Widget are assigned View, Edit and Delete permissions for Users.
Also, double checked that user is apart of the Users UserGroup

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time!

It sounds like previously you may have had permissions set to a specific Region on a Layout? As a Widget is only associated with the one Layout it is added to, once deleted it would not longer exist and there would be nothing to pass permissions down to.

You can replace the current file being used from the properties panel for the Video on the Layout which would not remove the View,Edit,Delete options already applied:

You also have options to update the β€˜new’ media in all Layouts it is assigned to and completely removing the old version from the CMS:

You can create Folders and apply the View,Edit,Delete requirements to that for a User/User Group and then anything that is saved to that Folder would inherit those settings automatically.

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Hi Natasha,

Appreciate your response.
As you suggested I went back an investigated the Region permissions which I believe was my issue.
I also had to update the Region permissions in my Layout template, as well as double checked the permissions on the media being uploaded itself.
Making sure the Users Group had View, Edit, & Delete permissions on the Media in the Library, as well as having View & Edit permissions on the Region seemed to do the trick.
I will investigate the documentation you linked regarding the new Folder features and if there is a way to default a folder when users are uploading media, as well as default permissions or default shared permissions to a user group when uploading to a folder, that would prove useful.

Thanks again for kindly pointing me in the right direction! :slight_smile:

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