Xibo v1.7 on Android for Odroid U3

Hi everyone,

To be used as a Digital Signage Player Device, I installed Xibo v1.7 into my Android 4.4.4 rooted Odroid U3. The screen settings are 1080p and a Full HD Television is needed and connected to the device. I need a 1080p video as a minimum resolution to be played on the app.
As I tested the app, I saw that there are important lags on videos. Hardware seems reliable for a project like this but I could not find the reason for this non-fluent video problem.
Do you have any important information that can be helpful?
Do you think there is a codec problem? How can I have the information of the codec it needs?

I am very grateful already,


It may have something to do with codecs, you can try to re-encode your video and/or update the firmware on your device. Basically the video rendering is done by the device itself, so if with updated firmware/correct codecs it still can’t display it smoothly enough then it might be that your device just can’t handle it.

Hey @demokratos !

I use the Odroid-c1 on my clients.

Videos are shown pretty well, but CSS/HTML animations are freezy.

I use 1080p mp4 files (h264).

My Android version is the 4.4.2 (build v1.4).

I Hope this info can help you.

I was considering buy the XU3 for future players, if you could post on community your issues and experiences with this hardware, it would be nice. =)

Hello @Peter
I found the link that you provided before, we are working on it. You can find the information of the videos below:

Display resolution: 1920x1080
Codec: H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (avc1)
Frame rate: 25
Bit rate: 10Mb/s

Dear @ilges
You can check the attachments too, I use the same video type with you, however, the situation is still problematic. I know that Odroid U3 is out of production currently and Hardkernel will produce XU4 instead of it. I did not try C1 on my own but specs are slightly higher for U3, if your videos are working properly and mines are not, I should have a search for the reason. =)

Thanks in advance,


The default video bit rate is 10Mb/s. For the Xibo, we have mpeg-4(H264) codec for video and aac codec for audio. We tried to re-encode the video for the bit-rates (CBR) as 10Mb/s, 8Mb/s and 6Mb/s. Regarding the same bit rates, we re-encoded the video as mpeg-2 to mp2 configuration.

As we tested all of the videos, the ones with mpeg-2 had an error of “Unsupported Video” and we saw that they failed from “CanRun test” as it was written in the logs. As for the videos with mpeg-4(H264) codec, there still lies a non-fluent video problem. On the other hand, we can play these videos with no problem (and fluent) in VLC player (for Android).