XIBO Upgrade to latest possible version

We are on XIBO 1.7.9 and we need to upgrade to latest possible version.

Is 1.8.12 the possible version we can upgraded to?


Welcome to the community!

We have released version 2 of the CMS with the latest release being 2.3.3: https://blog.xibo.org.uk/2-3-3-released/
Do take advantage of our free 14 day cloud trial to have a look around and take it for a test drive yourself as it comes packed with new features and functionality: https://xibo.org.uk/cloud-trial
Whilst having a look about do refer to our helpful documentation to assist you: User Manual

If you wanted to upgrade to the latest version for the 1.8 series, this would be 1.8.13: https://blog.xibo.org.uk/1-8-13-released/
The 1.8 series will have no further releases apart from necessary maintenance:
Supported Versions

For reference I have included our documentation for upgrading:
Upgrading the CMS
Upgrading Players

Thank you

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